School Policies

Included on this page are highlights from our policies and procedures. The Sayler Park Student Handbook includes more detail on each of these items.

Attendance Policies

As a reminder, our hours are:

  • School Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
  • Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Absence Procedures

Good attendance is important to success in school. To report an absent child, call the school office or email us using this Absence Reporting Form. Parents must call the school office by 8:30 a.m. on the day the student is absent, (513) 363-5100. Voice mail is available after hours.

Upon returning to the school, each student is expected to bring a note explaining the reason for the absence. Notes should be given to the homeroom teacher. Returning to school without a note is an unexcused absence. Excessive unexcused absences will be referred to the Visiting Teacher. Then, students and parents will be referred to Attendance Court.

The Ohio Revised Code 3321.38 states:

"The Compulsory Education Law of the State of Ohio requires that all children, not regularly employed, must remain in school until they are eighteen years of age. In order to be employed, it is necessary for a child to be certificated by the Superintendent of Schools in the school district in which he lives."


When a child is absent from school in violation of the provisions of this law, the attendance officer shall notify the parent and if the latter fails to cause such child to attend school, he shall be summoned before court, and unless he proves his inability to compel his child to attend, he shall be fined not less than $5, nor more than $20, or he may be required to give bond in the sum of $100, that he wi1l cause his child to remain in school during the term prescribed by law. If the parent fails to pay the fine or furnish the bond, "then said parent, or guardian or other person, shall be imprisoned in the county jail no less than ten days or more than thirty days."

Truancy Law SB 181

Habitual Truancy — any child of compulsory school age who is absent "Without legitimate excuse for absence from the public school the child is supposed to attend for:

  • 5 or more consecutive school days
  • 7 or more school days in one month
  • 12 or more school days in one school year

Chronic Truant — any child of compulsory school age who is absent "Without legitimate excuse for absence from the public school the child is supposed to attend for:

  • 7 or more consecutive school days
  • 10 or more school days in one month
  • 15 or more school days in one school year  

Failure to Send — If a parent has failed to send the child to school, the parent may be charged with a failure to send. If a child meets the elements of the habitual truancy offense, and the child is charged with the offense, the parent must be charged with a failure to send. The performance bond has been raised to a maximum of $500 or no more than 70 hours of community service. In addition, the failure to send charge requires a mandatory warning that subsequent truancy charges against the child may result with the subsequent offense of "Contributing to the Unruliness or Delinquency of a minor" which may result in a jail sentence.

  • A failure to send charge can stand alone
  • A habitual or chronic charge automatically requires a failure to send charge

Violation of Court Order (VCO)

 If a child has a prior adjudication with Juvenile Court and has a subsequent habitual or chronic truancy offenses the school must file a Violation of Court Order instead of the chronic or habitual filing.

Work and Absences

  • Students are responsible for making up missed work due to absences.
  • The work must be made up within a reasonable time.
  • For extended absences, the classroom teacher should be contacted for assignments and arrangements made to pick up materials and books. 
  • Each teacher has a phone in the classroom. 
  • Twenty-four hour notice is needed to gather work for students. 
  • Students are expected to be in their classrooms ready to work when the bell rings at 7:45 a.m.
  • If your child is tardy, he/she is required to bring a note from the parents to verify the excuse. 
  • Excessive tardiness will be referred to the Visiting Teacher.

Breakfast & Lunch

  • Breakfast and Lunches Menus 
  • Hot lunches are served daily.
  • Monthly menus are sent home with the students.
  • Students that choose not to eat lunch must bring a signed note from home stating the reason for not eating.
  • Due to the threat of infectious diseases, students are not permitted to exchange food.

Lunch Prices:

  • Grades K-8 — $1.75
  • Milk — 50¢
  • Universal Breakfast — Free to everyone
  • Free and reduced lunches are available to those who qualify.
  • If you need an application, see Mrs. Regina Hensley in the main office.
  • Breakfast is served daily from 7:25-7:45 a.m. for Grades 4-8
  • Students in Pre-K through 3rd Grade go to breakfast with their homeroom teacher.

Bus Safety

Student behavior that distracts bus drivers is a hazard to the vehicle's safe operation, and jeopardizes the safety and welfare of all passengers. Misbehavior while on a yellow school bus or a Metro bus can result in disciplinary action for the student or the suspension of transportation service for the student. Read more about our requirements for student behavior on buses.

Eligibility for transportation is 1 mile for elementary students.

Parents are now being notified by automatic phone calls when yellow buses are 15 or minutes behind schedule. Please make sure CPS has your correct phone numbers by keeping the school office updated, or you may list up to 3 phone numbers (home, work & cell) in PowerSchool.

Riding a school bus is a privilege and requires team work on the part of the students, parents, teachers, bus drivers, and administration. This privilege can be removed at any time for disruptive and unsatisfactory conduct.

To preserve the safety and welfare of the pupil and others, the contractor may make a formal request to the Principal to deny bus transportation privileges on the first or second misconduct report.

Video cameras are present on each bus and the videos can be reviewed by the administration.


Review CPS' Code of Conduct for disciplinary procedures.

Dress Code

Students who attend Sayler Park are required to dress in their school uniform every day. Learn more about our school uniform policy.


  • The homeroom teacher will provide a locker to pairs of students.
  • These two students will share the locker for the remainder of the school year.
  • Please leave all valuables at home.
  • Lockers are the property of Cincinnati Public Schools and are subject to random searches.

School Fees

  • These fees must be paid before students are permitted to participate in school functions, activities and field trips.
  • A form is sent home in September with each child.
  • Cash and money orders are accepted for payment.
  • No checks are permitted for payment.
  • A receipt will be issued to your child to bring home to you. Fees can be paid to the School clerk in the office.

Snow Days and School Delays

Snow days and school delays are announced on our website, local TV and radio stations, CPS' mobile app, and through automated phone calls. Assume school is open unless you hear otherwise. Learn more about CPS' severe weather and emergency closing procedures.

Visiting During School Hours

We welcome visits from parents and guardians. However, to protect student safety, all visitors must sign in at the main office and wear a visitor's badge. Parents/guardians who would like a conference with their child's teacher must schedule an appointment with the teacher.