Health Center

Health Assistance

Contact: Christen McCoy
Phone: (513) 363-5121

Dispensing Medication

Medication can be dispensed at school only if the procedure listed below has been followed. These two documents must be on file in the school office:

  1. A statement signed by the parent/guardian giving permission to dispense medication.
  2. A completed form from the doctor listing the name of the medication, prescription number, dosage, possible side effects, physician's signature, and telephone number.

New forms must be completed at the beginning of each school year.

Please note: 

  • Specific Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications can also be given with authorization from parents. Forms will be sent home at parent/guardian request.
  • Medication must be in pill, capsule, or liquid form in a contained clearly marked from the pharmacist.
  • All medications must be kept in the office. The student with the knowledge of the Principal or his designee can keep inhalers.

Emergencies (Student)

In case of emergency:

  • A student who becomes ill at school should inform the teacher.
  • When necessary, parents will be contacted.
  • The school Health Assistant is at the school every day.
  • It is important for an emergency telephone number to be on file in the school office.
  • Please send in the two emergency medical cards as soon as possible.